Atlanta - Airport - Hartsfield, United States of America

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Child Seats Infant (CSI) -The infant seats are for infants from 5 to 20 pounds up to 26 inches long. The renter will be provided with the manufacturers installation instructions at the counter so he/she can correctly install the seat. Infant seats are available for back seat use only. Child Seat Toddler (CST) -Toddler seats are for children weighing from 20 to 40 pounds up to 40 inches tall. The renter will be provided with the manufacturers installation instructions at the counter so he/she can correctly install the seat. Toddler seats are available for back seat use only. Hand Control Right (HCR) /Hand Control Left (HCL) - Available at no additional cost. Must be reserved through the pick up location with 10 days advance notice. If advance notice is not given, equipment may be unavailable. Renters must bring their own parking permit as Advantage/EZ does not provide handicapped ID cards or car stickers. Advantage/EZ is able to provide hand controls on a variety of our rental cars. We will make every effort to provide our physically disabled customers with the vehicle of their choice. Ski Rack/Snow Tires (SKV) - Ski equipped vehicles are available at select locations. This includes mud/all weather tires and ski racks. **CHAINS ARE NOT AVAILABLE** GPS Travel Tablet (MTECH) - Portable GPS Plus systems are available at many locations.

Useful Information

Additional Drivers

Additional authorized operators can be added, for an additional charge, at the time of rental or at any rental location. The primary renter and each Additional Authorized Operator must be present to sign the rental agreement and must meet normal rental qualifications, such as showing a valid driver license, and meeting all age requirements.


Age 21-24 – May use Credit or Debit Card and meet all payment policies. Underage Charge will apply.

Local Renter Policies also apply.


PICKUP INFORMATION- We are located at the Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport inside the Rental Car Center. Follow the signs for Ground Transportation / Rental Car Center and board the Atlanta Airport Sky-Train to the consolidated rental facility. Please exit at the second stop, the first stop is at the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC). The trip should take about 5 minutes.



Debit Cards which contain an AMEX / Discover / MasterCard / Visa logo are acceptable at time of rental provided the renter has a confirmed flight from the return location on the scheduled rental return date. Debit Cards will be charged for the estimated rental charges plus a $200 deposit at time of rental. Any unused deposit will be credited to the customer`s account within 3 to 5 business days of the rental return, subject to your bank`s processing guidelines.


Three refueling options are available to meet your needs.

1) FUEL NOW - you may purchase a tank of gas at the time of rental and return the vehicle with as little gas as you like. Please be aware that we are unable to issue a refund for unused fuel. However, this method eliminates the need for you to refuel the tank prior to returning.

2) FUEL LATER - You can let us refuel for you. You pay for the fuel required to replace the fuel you used and for the service and convenience of refueling the tank.

3) SELF SERVE -You refuel the tank yourself immediately prior to returning the vehicle. Pricing for each option varies and is available at the rental counter.


A Drop Fee is assessed for renting a vehicle at one of our rental locations and returning it to a different rental location. The cost of this fee varies depending on the renting and returning location.


Take the ATL Skytrain to the Rental Car Center. Proceed to the Advantage counter on the 3rd floor before heading into the parking garage.